2 Years Since Tragedy

On October 1,2017 a tragic shooting happened, a gunman opened fire on a concert crowd. He was stationed in the Mandalay Bay casino he had rented a room on a high level of the casino. He was spending a week in there he had everyday brought weapons and ammunition into the hotel room he was preparing himself for the day of the Shooting. He had weapon with bump stocks which convert a semi automatic weapon to a fully automatic weapon.

On the Day of the concert, everyone was enjoying themselves having fun. In the middle of the concert the crowded hear loud bangs and everyone was confused at first they believe it was fireworks. As soon as the second round of gunfire began, concert goers realized that it was bullets flying at them. No one knew what to do because they had no idea where the bullets were coming from everyone stay still and put in one place. The gunman had a height angle on them so this made it easier for him to proceed with the shooting. This night was very tragic for everyone in the USA. Approximately killed 58 people and injured almost 500 people. Everybody fled the concert and started to take cover from the gunfire. Then law enforcement came and had a standoff with the gunman. The SWAT team was going to move into his hotel room the hotel room was forced lock but after the gunman stopped shooting he decided to take his own life.

Today, it has already been 2 years since the tragedy happened, and now a whole lot of people never forget what happened that day. People who have lost loved ones especially, because someone who they cared for a lot had just left them. To commemorate the deaths of the 58 who died, many have placed 58 crosses right by the Las Vegas Welcome sign. It is shown that the residents of Las Vegas are strong, although the deadliest mass shooting happened in their city, they never gave up and kept striving to make the world a better place. For future years to come, they will never forget the horrible incident that shocked thousands.