American Red Cross Saves Lives


Alexa Magtoto

Imagine how it would feel to lose your home to a fire or flood. Think of losing your belongings and a house you’ve worked so hard to maintain. Without a home, you’re left with nothing and a feeling of sadness.

This is where the American Red Cross comes in. The non-profit organization provides food, shelter, medical supplies, and mental health services when disasters strike. At East Career and Technical Academy (ECTA), there is an American Red Cross club that students can join to help save lives in our community. Students who donate their time to this organization as  volunteers know how rewarding it can be to potentially save people’s’ lives.

Karen Jara is the president of the American Red Cross club, and she is determined to make this the best year that ECTA has seen so far. I asked her why students should participate in joining this non-profit organization and she said,

“I feel people should join the Red Cross because it’s a great thing to give your time to try and help others. It’s a gratifying feeling of getting the job done after hard work with volunteers, and I think in a way it helps people become just a little nicer and forgiving.”

She also had her greatest moments in American Red Cross with her fellow volunteers.

“My favorite moment with the club so far has to be the Power Up event. We all got together and competed in the challenges, but everyone was very encouraging and energetic. It was really fun working together on the jeopardy game and winning the free canes!” Jara exclaimed.

Overall, the American Red Cross is a great club to join at ECTA because students get to serve their community and meet new people inside and outside of school. This inspiring organization needs students that are compelled to lend their support and to give their time to this organization that has given to so many. Think of the immeasurable good that you can do by involving yourself in what has been a beacon of hope for disaster victims since 1881. The American Red Cross could someday help you. For more information about the American Red Cross go to or talk to one of the advisors from the American Red Cross club, Ms. Rojas, in room 301.