The United States Of Gender

The United States Of Gender

Last year, in May, Barack Obama signed an executive order that stated public schools had to let transgender students use the bathroom they identify with and if they ignored this law their funds would be taken away.

This was seen as an enormous win for the LGBTQ+ community who have felt segregated for ages. Sadly this victory was short-lived not only when a judge put it on hold, but also when it was announced last week on Wednesday, February 22, that Donald Trump’s administration nullified Obama’s order.

This decision inspired many to use their voice and speak their mind.

People all over the nation are now wondering what’s the next step forward, and is there a compromise that will bring a divided country back together?

      Much debate was created over this subject. Concerned father, Andrew Tomsen stated, “Although transgender bathrooms are a good idea, there is no certainty that there aren’t bad people. Bad people are capable of lying about their identity just to take advantage of the possibility of this special right.”

A more positive response came from ECTA student, Henry Simon.

“Transgender bathroom for me is really necessary for kids and people who identify themselves as who they are, but society sees them different. Many people (older people) have a different mentality and they see them as so much of an influence to the younger generation causing them to think that their grandchildren may turn out the same way. The reason why this is such a controversial topic with the transgender is that they think it’s gross and unnatural. Also causing them to think of raping. Some people think others change their sexual orientation to cause harm to other people.” – Henry Simon, ECTA Medical Student.

The impact of this problem will not only affect our nation but us as a community. East Tech students have an opinion and so does everyone in the U.S. Being open-minded is a start in resolving this issue and keeping everyone united. This country shouldn’t be seeing black and white. Let’s not repeat the past again with discrimination and stereotyping gender roles. We are in a new day and age, and it’s time to actually be The UNITED States of America.