Let It Snow

Let It Snow

As they say, “The weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful, and since there’s no place to go let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”

Winter is already here with Christmas around the corner. There is only one week left of school before winter break! Students and families are ready to go out of town to have fun and spend time together. The malls will be filled with crazy shoppers and lines will fill up at Starbucks. People will have fun with winter activities, such as baking and decorating their homes and trees. Along with that, many people will volunteer at food drives and hospitals, giving presents to families in need. Christmas is the time of year to have fun, be cheerful, share the warmth of smiles around a house, and give generously.  We hope you all have a  “holly jolly Christmas.”


There are so many winter activities to do, but what is Christmas without SNOW?. Take a trip up to Mount Charleston, where you will find freezing temperatures and lots of snow. You could go sleighing, skiing, snowboarding, make snow angels and snowmen, and have a  SNOWBALL FIGHT!  My personal favorite is sleighing; when you’re riding down a slide of snow it makes you feel like a kid again. 


 Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is awesome to visit this time of year.  You will find yourself engulfed in a winter wonderland here, surrounded by thousands of sparkling lights, a White Fir holiday tree, and plant sculptures, such as polar bears, penguins, igloos, and giant ornaments. There is also a train station lined with candy-canes that are deporting to the North Pole. 

Ethel M Chocolate Factory is celebrating the 23rd Anniversary of the Cactus Garden Lighting. Here you will see over a million Christmas lights covering three acres of desert landscape.  The display is open until January 1, 2017, and best of all, admission is free!

 Town Square is a festive holiday experience as well. Families or friends can see Santa, along with plenty of lights, decorations, and a 45 foot Christmas tree.  They also have a Snow in the Square show that runs through December 23, 2016. Shows are scheduled Monday – Thursday at 7 p.m. and Friday – Sunday at 7 and 8 p.m. Each show lasts 10 minutes and is choreographed to classic holiday tunes.  Most people just like to be out and about during the season since they have the Christmas spirit! They like to get their family or loved ones and just go places with them and experience the joy of the season.  


Christmas is a time to spend with loved ones.  Many of us will be having or attending Christmas parties even before the big day.  There are many festive and delicious treats that we all look forward to this time of year, from the traditional warm drinks, apple cider, yummy hot chocolate, eggnog, &  peppermint flavored drink, to the traditional foods that we all look forward to.  

You can also have fun baking by making gingerbread men and gingerbread houses. You can make this a bonding experience with family or friends, or  just stop by Starbucks. Either way,  just have a fun festive time!


Christmas time is a time for family. There are a bunch of things you can do with or without them, if that’s what you prefer. You can always put up a Christmas tree and hang decorations on the tree with your loved ones, but if you don’t like having a Las Vegas Christmas, you can always travel. After all, everyone loves being in a car singing Christmas carol for hours. If you do travel and somehow end up in Chicago, you should check out the annual Christkindlmarket festival in the Daley Plaza. Even if you don’t want to travel for hours and spend lots of money, you can still sit by the fire in your Christmas onesies and tell Christmas stories with your family.