DIY Holiday Gift Ideas



jar Hot Chocolate Jar– This easy Christmas gift is so simple to make at home yourself, and is great to give to someone who enjoys drinking hot chocolate during the cold seasons.   If you prefer to you can change the item that is inside of the jar.

deer Globe Cookie Jar- Abandon the tradition cookie jar and do this cute and festive snow globe cookie jar instead!  First paint small white dots all over a glass jar. Then place snowball cookies or any cookies you want inside. After that just place any kind of festive trinkets on top of the cookies to give it a snow global inspired vibe. you can add a ribbon and a tag on the lid to add a special touch.

mugDecorated Mugs-  This gift is for any one special out there to you if you make an individual mug specially made to that person.    You can get a mug color of your choice (preferably white) and sharpie markers in different color so you can customize the mug yourself. Paint on a layer of modpodge to protect your design and it’s good to go.

lollipopLollipop Tree- If you plan on giving a sweet christmas present to someone who has a sweet tooth then this could be the gift for you to give. Get a pot, styrofoam ball, and lollipops. All you do is stick the lollipops through the styrofoam and it creates a tree like shape.

cards52 Reasons Why I Love You-  If you’re struggling with finding a good gift for someone you love; then this is the gift for you to make.  All you need is a deck of cards, hole punchers, ribbon (or yarn), and markers. Just write on the cards all the things you love about them.  With this gift you are able to express all your feelings to the person you love.