School Zone Crackdown

School Zone Crackdown

Leslie Kain

The latest Nevada state law is making the fines higher and the consequences tougher in pedestrian-heavy areas, such as school zones like ours.

The law that is causing this is Senate Bill 144. It was put in place to prevent further deaths on our roadways.

Beginning Thursday, October 1st, it became illegal to make U-turns or pass another motorist when children are present in a school zone.

Pedestrians aren’t exempt from this law, though. If a pedestrian jaywalks or breaks the law in any other way in a designated safety zone, they will be subject to stiffer penalties.

Beginning the week of October 5th, parents were no longer allowed to pass another vehicle outside the school (along Vegas Valley) or make illegal U-turns when dropping off or picking up their student(s).

A map of the route they must take was given out a month ago, but some still do not understand. Several people have been pulled over by the school police when they failed to comply with the new regulations.

This may cause an inconvenience for some drivers, but this is what the school must do in order to follow the guidelines given by the state.

Since the start of 2015, thirty people have died on Nevada’s roadways.