Las Vegas Museums

Las Vegas Museums

Amanda Alibangbang

Las Vegas is known for many great attractions, such as the casinos lined together hand in hand called, “The Strip.” There are so many shows and forms of entertainment,  but what not too many people know is that Las Vegas actually has some really cool museums, which can really sparks an individual’s interests.  They have the potential to enhance a child, teen, or adult’s curiosity.  All around the whole world there are museums for all sorts of things.  You can find Art Museums, WWII Memorial Museums, Air and Space Museums, and Dinosaur Museuems, to name a few.  Some of the greatest, here in Las Vegas are The Body Exhibit, Marjorie Barrick Museum, the Neon Museum, The Mob Museum, The National Atomic Testing Museum, and even a Pinball Hall of Fame!

The Body Exhibit is located in the Luxor Hotel and Casino. According to the Luxor’s website, the exhibition displays 13 whole-body specimens and 260+ organs and partial body specimens. They are real human bodies that have been conscientiously  preserved through an innovative process. The exhibit shows  several body systems, such as the circulatory, muscular, respiratory, and skeletal systems. The original human specimens exemplify the damage that could result from overeating and the absence of exercise. There is also a well conditioned lung right next to a beat-up lung caused from smoking.  By seeing this side by side comparison of the the two lungs, is so much more powerful than any textbook can depict. Some of the bodies testimonials are “I loved the way the exhibition was structured, showing the views and systems of the body. I’ll definitely recommended it. It’s worth it.”, “This exhibit is a great tool of knowledge. It allowed me to understand the issues and health problems of friends and family members. Just amazing! Thank you.”, and “It is impossible to walk through this exhibit and not be caught speechless by what we see in every room, whether you have a real liking for science or not.”

The Marjorie Barrick Museum takes place in the heart of the UNLV campus and was founded in 1967. Based from the UNLV website, it is also called, “The Barrick” and is well known for engaging exhibitions and events. The Barrick encourages engagement with the visual arts among a broad community including individuals at UNLV in students, faculty, and staff; the greater Las Vegas community; and the national and international art community. In December 2011, the Barrick joined the UNLV College of Fine Arts and became the anchor of the Galleries at UNLV. There are five galleries and one museum that make up UNLV Galleries.  They are each entities in their own right,  linked through a common administration. The Barrick’s goal is to enhance the visitor’s understanding of art as a lasting human strive and to promote visual erudition for all guests. It preserves art of past and present cultures, and artistic creativity.

Museums are placed on Planet Earth to inspire and present visuals of a wide array of “artwork.” A work of art is something that not everyone understands, but the ones that do will never forget about the certain piece.