Fashion Show Mall


The mall has been a very popular spot for young adults to not only shop, but eat and hang out as well. One of bigger malls in Vegas, Fashion Show Mall, has become a teenage craze that everybody is talking about. The mall first opened in 1981, and has continued growing since. This three story mall gives teens the freedom, and fun-filled days they are always talking about!



Chicken Wings


Chicken wings! A tasty, quick, finger food that teenagers all over are eating constantly! While Wingstop, and Buffalo Wild Wings are at a tie as to who is better, almost everyone can agree that they are just flat out good. Whether it’s after school, lunchtime, or in the evening, chicken wings can hit the spot!



Divergent The Series


While many don’t think teenagers are big readers, a major series that’s being talked about is the Divergent Series. This action packed, mysterious, and romantic series draws the attention of many. If you’re looking for a good read, look no further! Divergent is here to draw you away from reality for a while, and bring the thrill back into your life.



Trivia Crack

Trivia_Crack_GameAs 2015 enters new games have joined in as well. Trivia Crack by etermax, is a game that tests your knowledge and response time. With six categories; Geography, Entertainment, History, Science, Sports and Art you are sure to have fun. The objective of the game is to get all six characters by answering a series of questions, once three correct questions have been answered in a row, you have the opportunity to gain any character you want by answering another question. All over the question “Do you have Twitter or Instagram?” is replaced by “Do you have Trivia Crack? Play me!” This game is fun because your knowledge is tested in a fun way and you have the opportunity to gain new, fun knowledge.



24 Hr


Every New Year’s people have the resolution of going to the gym and getting the body they want. Many have kept up their promise and are close to their goal. One gym that offers a variety of workout machines and programs is 24 Hr Fitness. All over you see everyone working out and the atmosphere is exciting and determined. Students have been joining gyms and the most talked about is 24 Hr Fitness. If it’s your first time you do not feel out of place because everyone has a common goal: to look smoking hot. So remember next it’s now or never.




Chicken, beef, avocado, tomato and lettuce are just some of the things Chipotle offers. With a large flour tortilla or a bowl, this restaurant has acquired many people, as well as its healthy, large portions. If you love burritos Chipotle is the place for you. Just remember, if you head there you will see many teenagers enjoying their delicious food. 



Cell Phone and Computers


As we enter 2015, technology is one of the things that has become of common use in our daily lives. Everywhere we go, work, school, even the library, has it. For teens, cell phones and computers are the most essential for everyday use. Any teen uses their cell phone for communication, photos, sharing, and more. Computers are used to write up papers, edit videos, and overall produce amazing work. Almost every teen can agree that cell phones, and computers are a very important part of their day!