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Jose Villeda is currently in 9th grade and he’s favorite current school subject to study is Science. He has never joined a school’s sports team, however did join Cub Scouts back in Elementary where they practiced a few sports, for a short period of time. Jose isn’t in any school clubs in today’s school year but plans to join clubs that help with his academic performance that’ll look good on his college applications. Such as DECA, FCCLA, and HOSA. He has never participated in student body government or stuco but is interested in Student Council. He is very outgoing and looks forward to create and meet new acquaintances and friends. He is smart in knowledge but he takes his time to process everything in his head when it comes to academically. When it comes to extracurricular activities, he participates in arts like drawing and music and plays soccer with family when they come together at parks. Jose has earned honors throughout his education, such as A/B Honor Rolls, trophies in school competitions, and awards like the President's Award for Education Excellence. Lastly, what people find surprising about him being a teen is is his incredibly short height and his young look. 

The accomplishments that Jose is most proud is passing each school year with A’s and B’s with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. How he hopes to be remembered for his high standards throughout his life and making a slight happiness to everyone he has met. How people might remember him is for the ignorant but non harmful things he would do and say. What he likes to do in his spare time is to get on YouTube, social media, and play video games. When off technology, he likes to spend time with his dogs and mother. One superpower Jose would possess would be teleportation to travel places quicker and with less effort. His greatest fear is heights and losing his family. Lastly, Jose’s greatest hope is that a great change in his life would happen in the late future. 

Villeda Lira, Jose, Reporter

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Villeda Lira, Jose