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 Rachel is in the 10th grade. Her favorite subject to study is chemistry. She is on Sol club and she wants to join lots of other clubs like FCCLA. She is a person who tries really hard in class and she always studies to make sure that she won't fail her classes. People find it surprising that she wants to be an actress even though she's really shy. She also has a side people never expected her to have it's fun at home and boring at school. She is most proud of helping a lot of people and she's proud of doing a lot of community service. She is most proud of not giving up on days where she didn't want to do homework but she still does.

She would like to be remembered as the person who was always happy, and for a person who was always successful. Rachel thinks that people will remember  her as giggles cause she laughs a lot. In her spare time she tutors her cousin or does her nails because it's something she loves to do. If she could possess a human superpower it would be to read people's minds because she wants to know what they need help with and she would want to help them. Her greatest fear even though she has a lot is losing her best friend Jose because she's known him for a long time and he's always there for her. Her greatest hope is to reach her goals.

Vega, Rachel, Reporter

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Vega, Rachel