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Jasmine Turner is a freshman and East Career Technical Academy. Her favorite subject to study is English. She was involved in an art club in 8th grade. As a student she would describe herself as a quiet yet intelligent student. Something she would most likely find interesting about her teen self is that she is pretty good at doing makeup. 

Her accomplishment she is most proud of is being able to learn to walk again after she broke her femur. She hopes to be remembered as someone you could always go to when you were down or needed someone to talk to, and a shoulder to cry on. On her spare time she likes to hang out with friends and family. If she was able to possess one super power she would want to be able to read people's mind so she can see what are they thinking. Her greatest fear is failing academically. Lastly her greatest hope is to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. 

Turner, Jasmine, Reporter

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Turner, Jasmine