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Horacio Ramirez-Rodriguez is currently in 12th grade/senior at East Tech. His favorite subject to study is Psychology. Extracurricular activities include art, writing, and exercising. He has been recognized several times for perfect attendance.  The thing people would find most surprising about him is that he has very ambitious ideas for the future despite him being very laid back and lax about his school work.

The accomplishment that he’s the most proud of is when he drove to San Francisco without taking a break. He hopes to be remembered as a very chill dude, but he will probably be remembered as that one guy that was nice to everybody. In his spare time he likes to read books and play video games. One superpower he would like to possess is the power of invisibility. His greatest hope for the future is that he ends up successful and positively contributing to society. 

Ramirez-Rodriguez, Horacio, Designer

Nov 16, 2019
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Ramirez-Rodriguez, Horacio