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Makaila Perkins is a ninth grader at East Technical Career Academy, her favorite subject to study is Marketing because she wants to become an entrepreneur once she graduates. Being an entrepreneur is her biggest goal right now and she looks forward to learning more about it. Academically she sees herself as determined, she tries hard and will really go after something if she really wants it. 

Socially she sees herself as interactive, she loves to talk but isn’t always the one to talk first. Something she thinks people would find surprising about her as a teen is that she loves to write and loves older music and artists that everyone knows that isn’t new, newer stuff isn’t really interesting to her but she does listen to a few artists. In her spare time she likes to talk and have fun with her family and friends, whether it’s through text, call, or in person. She also likes to shop and exercise. If she could possess any superpower it would be to either be invisible so that she can go more fun places without having to pay to get in, or telepathy because sometimes she wonders what others are thinking. 

An accomplishment she is most proud of is getting second place in the soccer championships playing for her school’s team in the fifth grade. Her biggest fear is not being successful when she gets older, meaning not being able to find a job, not having money, not having her own place/living with family for a long time, etc, but she says she’s really positive that won’t happen. Her hope is to become not famous but well known for her business and having a nice life with a nice car, house, and helping special causes, issues, and people and animals in general. Makaila hopes to be remembered as a strong black woman who owned an amazingly stable business and was always willing to help out if needed, she wants to be seen as someone who was always positive and made sure others had what they needed to be successful like her. She thinks that people will remember her for being a great friend because her friends would always tell her that, and that she loved the color red. She also thinks she’ll be remembered for being really generous and too nice.

Overall Makaila is proud of everything she has accomplished so far and hopes to do more along the way. She knows her success will come and that her fears or obstacles won’t become an issue.

Perkins, Makaila, Reporter

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Perkins, Makaila