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Ayriana Peck is a junior in mechanical technology at East Career and Technical Academy.

School Activities

 A club that Ayriana is a part of is the American Welding Society as the secretary. As a student, Ayriana is successful, goal-driven, and friendly. She performs very well academically and has a friendly approach to peers. An extracurricular activity that Ayriana participates in is volunteering at Three Square Food Bank and preparing meals for those in need. The successes that Ayriana was awarded with consist of multiple titles of student of the month and a medal for band festival. A trait that people would find surprising in Ayriana would be her determination to reach her goals. 


Ayriana hopes to be remembered as a diligent, educated, and positive person. In her spare time, Ayriana likes to read, practice welding, and do outdoors things such as riding and hiking. If Ayriana had a superpower it would be to fly so she could travel and see many different parts of the world.

Peck, Ayriana, Department Editor

Oct 14, 2019
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Peck, Ayriana