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Jared Lu was a small child with no energy, now he is the same, just a little older. Having energy has never been his forte. He considers it a miracle that he is a senior in high school. The only energy that he has used on school is his club ‘SOL’. Jared is a decent student with decent grades and decent goals, but claims he doesn’t even know what he is doing half the time. Socially, he okay with no snakes by his side--he hopes. Although Jared is a teen, he does not know how to use social media apps. 

Jared has no aspirations to be remembered for anything he has done, because he has accomplished nothing, yet. His only dream is to acquire the power of rat in the anime Juni Taisen. Which is basically he can live 100 paths of life and choose which one he wants to become reality.

Lu, Jared, Designer

Feb 18, 2020
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Lu, Jared