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Mairim Jimenez is a sophomore at East Tech and her favorite subject is chemistry. She is involved in SOL Club, Latin Dance, and DECA. She would describe herself as an organized, friendly, loud (sometimes shy), and dramatic person. People that she knows would find surprising of her as a teen how she is so tall for her age. She hopes to be remembered as a kind person who always cared for everyone around her. Although, people would most likely remember her as a carrying and loud person. On her spare time she likes to hang out with friends, watch her phone or TV as well as spend time outside like going on walks or to the park. If Mairim could posses any superpower it would be teleportation. She thinks that it would be so cool to get to every place she wants within seconds and wouldn’t have to rush anywhere. Her greatest fear is pigeons and people throwing balls at her. Finally, her greatest hope is to be able to go to Italy for a vacation when she’s older. 

Jimenez, Mairim, Reporter

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Jimenez, Mairim