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Ricardo Jimenez is a 10th-grade student at East Career & Technical Academy. His favorite school subject is P.E. since he loves sports, especially soccer, and he is good in most sports that he plays.

During his free time, he likes to hang out with his friends or just talk to them through the phone. It is hard to have a serious conversation with him if you are one of his friends because he’ll turn in into a joke, but if it’s something really serious then he will understand and be serious about it. Ricardo might sound like a lot of people, but trust me he is very different from everyone else. He doesn’t like being in a big group of friends, he doesn’t like artists who blow up out of nowhere, he dresses very differently, he has a sense of humor that is not hard to understand when you get to know him, he isn’t a quiet person, he’s a very peaceful person (he isn’t going to fight you over little things), and he is always trying his best on everything.

Jimenez Herrera, Ricardo, Department Editor

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Jimenez Herrera, Ricardo