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Jazmin is a senior at East Career and Technical Academy. Her favorite subject is English. She loves to read the poems and books they are given to read. She currently has A’s and B’s and is doing great in school. Socially in school, she can be quiet at times and keeps to herself. Once you get to know Jazmin in school and she starts to become comfortable with you she is very funny and nice. She loves to write and would do it all day if she could. 

She hasn’t had many accomplishments in her early life yet, but if she has a lot of time to accomplish her goals. Her goals are to go to college right after high school, hopefully out of state somewhere and study to become a criminal psychologist. Criminal Justice has always been an interest to her and she realized when she was 16  exactly she wanted to do with her career. Criminals and how they think always fascinated her and she would be more than happy to be able to pursue a career in something she is interested in. She hopes to be remembered as someone who was able to help many people. 


Hull-Vega, Jazmin, Reporter

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Hull-Vega, Jazmin