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Allen Gonzales is a High School Senior with a driven passion for creating and eating food at East Tech’s Culinary program. Allen furthered his craft in culinary by joining The Family Career and Community Leaders of America by competing in events like garnish and cupcake competitions while also mastering the skill of making 3 course meals in a timely manner. By Junior year Allen helped lead in a secretarial position in the debuting Culinary Arts Club. In early 2019 Allen participated in a team of three for the Flavors For Life competition, which he and his team won the top savory category.  

Academically Allen has held his grades to a high standard, while still maintaining a social life with many friends from all 3 East Tech houses. Aside from the Culinary program Allen is very invested in learning about history and political science. Although not a class subject, Allen also has a passion for learning cultures around the world and discovering new foreign language. Allen’s goal in life is to be trilingual with the added language of French, Italian, German, or Russian after already being capable of speaking English and some Spanish.

When Allen is not at school he is at home relaxing by procrastinating, meditating, or sleeping. During his free time Allen enjoys watching motorsports and pro wrestling. If Allen had the resources and funds to be whatever he wanted he would have chosen to be a race car driver or pro wrestler, but it could not be so his next goal of being a chef worked for him as well. Allen believes stress is the fertilizer to life and is ready to take on any challenge set forward to strive on accomplishing his dreams.

Gonzales, Allen, Reporter

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Gonzales, Allen