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HIs name is Jaydon Espita and he’s in 11th grade. His favorite subjects in school are history & he plans on trying out for the Las Vegas High School’s volleyball team this year. He is currently not involved in school clubs but he'd like to be in more than 1 some day. As a student he would describe himself socially as a social butterfly, hes talks to everyone but can be shy at first. Academically I would describe him as getting progressively better, he used to procrastinate a lot and be behind on most of his work, now he's more on top of his assignments & besides math have really good grades.

Currently he doesn't do any extracurricular activities but plans out trying for the volleyball team this upcoming season. He hasn't lately but is always recognized in class for his dedication. People might find it surprising as a teen that he tries to eat healthy in and outside of school. He can't really think of any major accomplishments but currently a pretty big accomplishment for him is how hes more focused in school and completes most if not all work.

In life he wants to be remembered for being successful and for making an impact in this world. He knows he is going to be remembered as being rich, successful, and manifesting. In his spare time he either is taking naps, watching Netflix, at the gym, and or hanging out with friends. If he were to ever obtain a superpower he hopes it would be the power of levitation because he'd be able to pick up anything he can think of. His greatest fear hands down is not being successful in life.

Espitia, Jaydon, Reporter

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Espitia, Jaydon