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Deyprie is a freshman at ECTA and her favorite subject is AP Computer Science Principles. Deyprie is on the JV Cheer Team at ECTA. She is obsessed with watching ASMR cooking/whispering, she listens/watches Kpop, and she loves keyboards. 

Deyprie is mostly proud of the fact that she made it through the 1st quarter with good grades. She wishes to be remembered as “Deyprie, the girl who talked to everyone of ‘23”. She thinks people will remember her as “Deyprie Dixon”. Nothing more, nothing less. She spends her spare time scrolling through Instagram, reading, learning about the Asian countries, and napping. If Deyprie could possess super-human abilities, it would either be Telekinesis, Mind Reading, or the ability to learn a new language, how to drive, or anything by looking at it. Her greatest fear is herself and she hopes to get her driver’s license during her Junior year. 

Dixon, Deyprie, Reporter

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Dixon, Deyprie