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Erick Cuellar is a senior at East Career and Technical Academy and he is in the construction program. Erick’s favorite subject to study is U.S. Government. As a student Erick has become more social and collaborative than he used to in freshman year. His leadership skills have been improved and he has really good grades, not perfect but that’s ok.  Erick is not really in any extra-curricular activities but he does like to get involved as much as possible and make a difference; Erick has won the role for two jobs already, he won Production Manager in Journalism, and Secretary for Principles of Leadership which this job required all the people who run for it to make a Campaign presentation! Erick is recognized for being a very disciplined and committed individual who does what he sets his mind to. Something that people would find surprising about Erick as a teen is that, he does not quite act like one. Erick has always been mature and responsible from a young age because he knows what he wants in life and what to do in order for him to get there. 

The accomplishment Erick is most proud of is when he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. To become a Marine has always been Erick’s dream for who knows how long, maybe even since he was a little kid. Erick has worked hard to get where he is and he is forever grateful, now he is one step closer to his dreams. Erick hopes to be remembered as someone who was always a man of his word! Someone who did become a Reconnaissance Marine! Someone who motivates others through his example!; although Erick feels that people will remember him as someone with more heart than muscle, someone that is typically quiet, and someone who is very optimistic. In his spare time Erick likes to go to the gym and get those gains in, he also enjoys: hiking, swimming, running, basketball, and spending time with family. If Erick could possess one super human power it would be the power to fly because who doesn’t want to fly? Erick’s greatest fear would be the fear of losing motivation and determination. Erick’s greatest hope is that he ends up living his dream as a Reconnaissance Marine and that he has a successful and happy life. 

Cuellar, Erick, Production Manager

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Cuellar, Erick