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Daniel Anguiano is in 9th grade and his favorite subject is P.E. He does not play any high school sports currently and does not want to play any sports in the future. Daniel is not currently in any clubs but he is interested in HOSA and SOL Club. He is very outgoing with other students, he likes to make new friends/ interact with others, and he is a hard worker when it comes to school and he is determined to get good grades. Daniel participates in church activities such as an outreach for the less fortunate which is called “Hope for the Homeless”. He received 6 awards in total in 8th grade. 3 of his awards were for getting straight A’s, 1 was for getting A/B Honor Roll for semester grade, 1 award for having the highest grade in English, and the last award he received was the President's Award for Educational Excellence. People he knows would be surprised how short he is, but they would be surprised how intelligent he is for his age. 

The accomplishment that Daniel is most proud of is getting a scholarship for being a high-level student in both English and Spanish. This accomplishment is something that he will always look back at in the future. He also hopes that people remember him as a nice, smart, funny, and persistent person that always tries and never gives up until he accomplishes his goal/s. Daniel thinks that people will mostly remember him for getting straight A’s and being a try-hard at school. Some things he does in his spare time is watch YouTube, play his PS4, play basketball, go to church, and he sometimes goes to the mall with his family. If he could possess one super-human power he would like to have the ability to time travel. He would like to have this super-human power because he wants to know what will happen in his life in the future. Lastly, his greatest hope is to go to have a happy family with a wife and children, he wants to die knowing everything will be okay and when he dies he wants to go to heaven.

Anguiano, Daniel, Editor in Chief

Feb 18, 2020
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Anguiano, Daniel