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Gabriela Amador is currently in twelfth grade and her favorite subject in class is English. Only sport she did in high school was volleyball during her sophomore year. That being said only big recognition has came from her past sport as mentioned from playing volleyball. In general if Gabriela had to describe herself as a student she’d describe herself as conscientious, ambitious, pretty shy and keeps to herself. Gabriela is proud of overall school improvement one being her grades. Aside from the school topic some random facts about her is how she pictures in being remembered by others is as a happy person that is selfless. Her greatest hope is living with intensity. Random facts about her is on her spare time she enjoys working out, her greatest fear has to be snakes, and lastly if she had the chance to have a super human power of her choice she would want to be able to access teleportation being able to be where she chooses she wants to be whenever she wants.

Amador, Gabriela, Reporter

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Amador, Gabriela