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Sam S., Reporter

Sam is a fifteen year old freshman at ECTA. They’re involved in GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) at the moment and plan to hopefully join more clubs in the near future. Sam’s favourite subject to study is psychology and in elementary school Sam would be recognized for being an A B honor roll almost every year, but it’s changed over time. They’d describe themselves as a pretty average student at best, in regards to academic success at the moment ~ socially they’d say they’re pretty comfortable with the amount of people they’re involved with and almost everyone seems pretty down to earth.

Sam’s also a very small YouTuber in a sense, they haven’t really uploaded much in the last two years, but they plan to start recording more and possibly animate (in which is called samKrezai, and subscribing would help very much). A few accomplishments Sam is proud of is essentially passing every grade and not getting suspended for anything really bad, and also having a good mentality. Sam has arachnophobia, meaning they’re very afraid of spiders, and they’ll get scared of almost anything that looks like it could be a spider. Sam hopes to be remembered as someone that likes to help make people happier and comfortable with themselves. They also like to draw, write scripts, and usually watch YouTube in their freetime.

Also if for whatever reason you need to contact Sam they’re usually active on Instagram (@samkrezai), where you can also find their art page on Instagram. (Promotions is very helpful in every way).

[caption id="attachment_3443" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Drawing by Sierra Sams[/caption]

All content by Sam S.
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Sam S.