Leonard, Danielle , Guest Writer

Imagine this: You’re in class minding your own business, sitting next to your best friend in the whole entire world. She has a cough which isn’t new to you or even that much alarming so you go on your own day minding your business. Little do you know that cough could change your whole life. She could have had the Corona virus that is killing hundreds of people a day and thousands a month. This disease is moving fast and at a rapid pace of taking out our entire human race. We will now find out who, what, where, when, why, and how for millions of years COVID-19 is now coming for the normal people of America just trying to move on in life.

So who and what is COVID-19?  According to the COVID-19 is a disease that can give you even the common symptoms of having a regular cold. It is also in relation to the SARS epidemic that started in 2002 in China as well. What it is, is a mixture of symptoms related to any normal cold. The symptoms can range from fever, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, coughing, and shortness or difficulty of breathing.

Where and when did this start you may be asking? COVID-19 was found in the original space of the Chinese community. They have linked some of the cases running back to the little town in China called Wuhan tracing that back to a wholesale food market. The National Foundation of Infectious Diseases that the cases have been found world wide but the main source was found in China. They believe to think someone there was selling something in the nature of bats which could’ve started it all. Time wise the first case was found in China in December of 2019. They say it emerged in the seafood or poultry section of the Wuhan market food place. Also according to the situation summary many of the patients and outbreaks started in China from  Wuhan, Hubei Province, China which occurred to animal to human spread. Overall all of the cases have started from in China and developed and grown fast there. 

Now we need to understand as the people known to be the greatest nation why and how did this happen. Why is a COVID-19 so big and called a pandemic? This had become a known global pandemic on February 11, 2020 when the outbreak became so severe and detrimental to our way of life they abbreviated the statement of “Coronavirus” to “COVID-19” and also became a pandemic according to the Pandemic means prevalent over a whole country or the world. Well it became and moved so rapidly and everyone was getting sick from it. Calling it a pandemic makes the people of not only the United States but of the world realize how serious this disease is and to not take it lightly. So far worldwide 298K people have died from this COVID-19 and are still counting as the seconds fly by. How is this still happening? This is still happening because there is no cure yet. Not only that but not many people in the world are taking this as serious or taking themselves much care. That is why most states and cities are known to be closed down. No malls, movie theaters, big stores, and even parks are being closed. How to stop it is unsolvable right now other than sitting in your home and waiting this pandemic out. Time will pass by and soon we will be back to normal.