We Are Not Ready to Open These Establishments

Saenz, Lorena, Guest Writer

To start off, COVID-19 is a growing pandemic that has affected millions of peoples day to day lives. This is something not to take lightly. It is rather infecting due to how easily people can attain it. People all around the world are getting infected and more than 76,000 people have died from it according to cdc.gov and that is a growing number to this day. I believe we aren’t ready to open up stores just yet, we should take some precautions and figure out how to attain this virus before we take actions in opening up the stores. It has been proven by cdc.gov that we are able to get COVID-19 from surfaces or objects that have the virus on it. This is a very key thing that we should pay more attention to, from what I’ve seen not everyone takes the precautions that are needed to prevent this virus from spreading. Overall, I don’t think many people have understood the seriousness of this pandemic and that we should just stay indoors till someone figures out a vaccine or a solution to this overall problem.