Hopes for the Future

Rodriguez, Angel , Guest Writer

After numerous reports of the virus had occurred in places other than Wuhan people around the entire world may have been overreacting over what could’ve been just another simple sickness. According to some TV channels like Fox 5 in Las Vegas and Weather Central, they describe the COVID-19 symptoms after the first 4 days upon the first person to get the “virus” and after realizing the symptoms, they began to question the whole thing. Another one was ads on YouTube showing important people coming up to say “I don’t think this is a virus, I just think it’s just another simple sickness that needs a different cure for it, why do we take this very seriously and we have to stay away from everyone other than family? Ridiculous…”

These days I go out and all of what is seen for each and every person sees  depression, silence, and staying away from others more than they expected. And also millions are now unemployed and file for unemployment as the numbers increase in tens of thousands. The New York Times claim 6.6 million which was later changed to 16 million are unemployed people and the Washington Post reports 22 million unemployed. The economy, society, almost everything is being broken down over a simple sickness. Many still check on friends, coworkers, everyone they know to see if they’re okay, Some people have those they all care for. And some businesses, restaurants and fast food places are reopening and the workers are checked everyday to see if they can work. We can hopefully be all cured and rid of the new and simple sickness so we can return to having happy stores, no toilet paper hogs, everything normal and peaceful United States.