The City of Las Vegas Reopens

Sonson, JJ, Guest Writer

In the city of Las Vegas, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak reopens some Las Vegas businesses. The reopening of the businesses will happen on May 9, 2020. The decision to reopen Las Vegas was unanimous. The reason behind this was to reopen the economy. However this reopening will only last until May 30, 2020 if the situation of COVID-19 won’t get any better. This reopening is a bad idea to the Las Vegas community. This can potentially make the situation of COVID-19 worse as it is reopening businesses with high amounts of people such as malls and casinos. All employees of a business are required to wear face masks however if you are not an employer wearing a face mask is optional. Wearing a face mask should be mandatory for everyone as there will be crowds of people which will make the virus spread easier. This reopening isn’t implying to social distancing as it is creating more opportunities for the virus to spread even more and making the situation even worse.