COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

Lopez, Aliyah, Department Editor

With COVID-19 cancelling school and the use of public places a lot of panic has come towards opposing countries to continents. Corona virus is a disease that affects everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, money status or gender. Many theories of how it became a great problem has been evoked.

Here are some of the Conspiracies it has evoked

  • Overpopulation

Many people believe that the disease was released to reduce the population of our growing country. As of February 11th 2020, YALE university figured that there are 7.8 billion inhabitants. The theory explains that every 10 years a disease is released to control the population. 10 years ago it was the “Avian Influenza” and now its COVID-19

  • Donald Trump’s Reelection

Since the pandemic started elections have been going on.This led to many people believing that Trump worked with China to release this disease. It is believed that Trump worked with China so he could blame it on a big country that delivers many products to the US to terrorize people. This would make the US scared and make them reelect Trump because that would be the least of their worries.

  • 5G

As the virus emerged, 5G was implemented. Some people believe that the virus traveled through the electromagnetic spectrum and as 5G got stronger and used it became stronger and that’s why we are in a pandemic.

  • COVID-19 is not the worst

Many people believe that the virus is exaggerated and not many people have it OR they believe that it is fake. Many people have recorded the line to get tested for COVID-19 and there seems to be no one.

  • GMOs are involved

Genetically modified organisms fill our produce and food. It is believed that GMOs somehow help the spread of viruses and diseases like the corona virus. Before the pandemic started invading an article was released regarding GMOs helping diseases spread.

Overall these are just SOME THEORIES 

For right now we should just focus on doing what the CDC recommends if it is true


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