Corona Virus Isolation

Rodriguez, Briana, Guest Writer

Corona Virus is a virus that spreads easily if you’re not protected enough. People all over the globe are taking extra precautions so that we can stay safe as a community. But are all these precautions absolutely necessary? In my opinion they are necessary but some of them are used to the extreme. We as a nation are worried about all of our wealth as a community, but there are some people that aren’t nearly as considerate as others. The community as a whole should come together and follow the government’s directions so we can pass by this easily.

This pandemic has enforced us all to stay inside and be confined to our households. Although it is great that we have time off school and work, there isn’t really much to do inside. Isolation is something that the generation that we are living in isn’t enjoying very much. I feel that with the quarantine came the opportunity to try things people have been putting off. Personally I have been wanting to paint my room but I just had not gotten the time to do it. The isolation has influenced people to start working out, try new hobbies, clean, and genuinely do things that we simply wouldn’t have thought to do before.

he negative aspect of this pandemic but people should focus more on the time where the isolation will be lifted. The society has been panicking over something that they aren’t really paying much attention to. I don’t think people realized how much this pandemic is going to affect us a whole when this is all over. Isolation is something that I think people will generally get used to and won’t be accustomed when we go back to normal.