The Change COVID-19 has Brought

Soledad, Hilary, Guest Writer

COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s lifestyle in various ways. It’s literally taken place around the world and it’s so easy to spread. A lot of people have lost their lives or family members due to this outbreak. It’s literally all over the news and months later it is still a main topic. Some people don’t really care and don’t stay home and it’s ignorant because if they don’t take precautions they’re the reason it keeps spreading and the reason we still have to pause our activities to stay home. Racism has always been a thing but because of this pandemic it somehow makes it okay to be racist which it doesn’t. Some people aren’t educated enough to realize ethnicity isn’t how you get it. People have been physically assaulted and worse. There has also been depression because of job loss. Supplies have also been limited and it can be scary.