Effects of COVID-19

Sam S., Writer

Considering COVID-19, there has been a stay-at-home quarantine implemented around the world – leading to a lot of opinions. The quarantine has been implemented mainly since mid March and it has had a big impact on the world regarding health, businesses, etc.

The quarantine hasn’t been the best experience at all in my opinion and a lot of the world has the same opinion as I do. I do think that the quarantine is reasonable, but the boredom is getting to me and I want to be an ‘idiot’ with my friends! The boredom is making me try new things like TiKToK. I’m trying out crop tops, actually using Twitter and promoting my social media every chance I get. I’ve been working on my school work that’s somewhat optional – mainly because my grades need the help right now. While the quarantine is annoyingly boring, there are a few benefits I’ve found for myself with having so much time at home.

I’m one of those kids that wants to be a YouTuber while I’m also not extremely invested in the hobby anymore. The main genre I want to do requires me to do my own research and scripts, which takes a good amount of time, and the quarantine gives me a lot of free time for that work as well. I’m a workaholic so for most of my free time in general I’m working on scripts or research or even enrichment type of stuff. So even if the quarantine closes most shops and businesses it still has its positives.

My opinion on opening up the shops around Vegas and around the world is pretty 50/50. On one hand, opening up the businesses would help the economy, it would make the amount of unemployed citizens obviously decrease and probably more. On the other hand I have to consider why the quarantine began in the first place. I think the businesses should start opening once there’s a more obvious drop in the cases of COVID-19. If we just open everything before it can get better it’ll cause the sickness to spread faster and more will die.