What’s Coming Next with COVID-19?

Verdin, Sabrina, Guest Writer

I found it very interesting that a 75 year old man fought many sicknesses and predicted an outbreak was going to happen but people never listened to him. Now he’s saying that we should have taken him more seriously, he even made a movie and still no one bothered to watch it but now that the Corona virus is out everyone is freaking out and trying to find ways to stop it from spreading rapidly. It makes me upset that no one listened to this poor man who was trying to help us in the future but now that we are going through an outbreak everyone wants help and is starting to listen to him. I also find it aggravating that when the Virus was spreading people thought it was a joke, or they blamed China. Many people are getting laid off like my family and now the president is barely starting to make a big deal out of it. When someone gets sick from a virus you should already be aware as a president and not push it off to the side. For example the text says, “At the time, President Donald Trump’s response to the crisis had started to change from ‘no worries at all’ to finally making more significant steps to stem the pandemic” (1).

I understand that the virus wasn’t that big a couple of months ago; but he should have still done something to monitor it and try to slow it down, but instead he let it happen and now there have been more then 100 deaths in the world. Throughout my fathers life he has been working with the same job for about 10 years and not once has he ever gotten laid off until now, this virus has forced our economy to close down. I have never seen anything like it and no one knows how long it’s going to last.


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