How COVID-19 Has Affected Me

Rincon-Magana, Jocelyn, Guest Writer

At first, the corona virus wasn’t taken that serious until it reached the US and of course our state, Nevada. This virus may or may not be true. There are multiple reasons to support my claim. COVID-19 began at the end of 2019, but most of us ended up finding out about it in 2020. The virus started in china because of their “eating choices.” I feel like the government is lying to us about the COVID-19. It may exist, but is it really as harmful as they make it seem? We all know the government has many tricks up their sleeve. They could just be trying to bring down the economy AND population. Some people may have died from it, but what if they’re just blaming deaths on COVID-19 to scare us?

As of today, the virus is still out there but if you think about it, do you know anyone who HAS corona? Corona has the same symptoms as the flu, an everyday virus. Corona virus was “everywhere” as soon as pollen season came around the corner. During pollen season a lot of people tend to get the flu, so it would make sense to release the virus during this time and then blame deaths on it as well. A lot of us have gotten sick because of pollen, but if we took care of ourselves we would get better. COVID-19 symptoms aren’t that major. 

On April 21, 2020 my uncle passed away in California. As we all know California is a big state and as of right now one of the most contaminated states. My family KNOWS my uncle didn’t pass away from COVID-19 for the reason being, he was in better shape than all of us and was always safe. Unfortunately, my uncle passed away from a stroke, but the funeral home was spreading rumors that he died from COVID-19 when that wasn’t the case. Later on we had family calling from other states calling and assuming that he died from corona virus. This goes to prove that no one knew him well besides family in Las Vegas and California, but everyone was still afraid and thought he was another victim of the crisis we’re going through. The government has everyone scared to death, and has everyone assuming that every death is because of the virus. 

Apparently, we were supposed to be out of quarantine by Thursday, April 30, 2020. This wouldn’t be possible because if the virus is all around the world how can it be gone in a span of less than 7 days. As of, April 27, 2020 there is no actual cure for the virus. How are we supposed to go out if there are still many people “contaminated.” That means we’d have to put our health in danger. 

As most of us know, everything in stores was completely gone. When they first announced the virus everyone went crazy and left nothing for the people that actually NEEDED the food and materials. All stores were empty and left nothing but fast food to eat. The New York Times website states, “The longer the pandemic lasts, the greater the risk that the sharp downturn morphs into a financial crisis with zombie companies starting a chain of defaults just like subprime mortgages did in 2008.” Which goes to my point of the economy going down.

We all have different opinions, but mine is that this is all a lie and we’re just getting tricked so the economy can go down. Even though I believe this I still try to stay safe because this could ACTUALLY be real. The best we can do now is wait for this to be over so we can continue living our everyday lives. COVID-19 has ruined a lot not just for me, but for everyone in the world.