History and Thoughts on COVID-19

Turner, Jasmine, Writer

COVID-19 is an infectious respiratory disease some recover without any special treatment, it comes with mild to moderate symptoms such as coughing, fever, shortness of breath and much more. It is very serious and there still is no cure.

A woman named June Dalziel Almeida, a Scottish virologist in London in 1964 discovered the corona virus. 

It is spread by saliva droplets , sneezing, and coughing. It says it has been diagnosed in humans in 2019. Also, it is believed to begin in Chinese horseshoe bats that the Chinese were eating.

Personally at first I wasn’t taking it seriously at all because I didn’t think it was very serious. I thought only old people would die but then I would see a lot of people dying and getting sick and I noticed it was spreading like wildfire. I get sick very easily sometimes 2 times a month. That’s why I would miss a lot of school. My immune system is very weak and now I am starting to stay home a lot more because I was going out and meeting up with friends but now I am not doing that because I don’t want to get any of my family sick nor myself and I just hope this all comes down soon.

I believe that the Nevada governor is not doing enough he can do much better.  I think he is going to need to put the citizens on in house lockdown and make sure nobody goes outside at all. People are thinking that it is okay to still have gatherings occur and barbecuing.  People need to take this more seriously, so everyone can stop getting sick and stop the spread of COVID-19.