COVID-19: Take It Seriously

Titan Sophomore Class 2022, Guest Writer

As of March 17, 2020, Clark County School District closed all schools until April 13, which has since been extended until May 1. This 8-week closure of schools was the result of the spread of COVID-19. Many students were happy because of these closures, but they aren’t staying home. The whole point of the school shut down was to minimize physical contact. School teachers have switched to online assignments and some teachers even had virtual meetings. Students were told to keep up with their online work and stay home, away from people.

The students, however, are doing what they were meant not to do. They are going out of their homes, hanging out with friends, having get-togethers at each others’ houses, etc. They are acting like this school closure wasn’t meant for quarantine, like it’s just an extended spring break. More and more, I see my friends going out getting food, boba, and just hanging out, in spite of the fact that there is a virus spreading across the world, that has already killed over a hundred thousand people. 

Personally, I think that it isn’t right that they do this. They are out there risking their own lives and the people’s lives who live at home with them. They act as if wearing a mask and gloves can protect them from this virus completely. The virus can survive on masks for several days and gloves just collect bacteria and need to be replaced constantly. These students need to understand that they aren’t invincible, they aren’t immune, a mask and gloves can’t keep them completely safe. Coming to you as a student in the same situation as you, just look at reality and take this virus seriously… stay home and don’t do something you’ll regret.

-Sophomore ℅ 2022