COVID-19 and the Economy

Sparks, Hailey, Guest Writer

The corona virus began back in December of 2019, in Wuhan China. The disease was spread through the consumption of bats. Many U.S authorities and health care professionals believe the virus was created intentionally as a part of China’s efforts to compete with the U.S. As of today, April 16, 2020, there are 2,113,226 confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide. 537,475 of these people have recovered. And sadly, 140,371 people have died. The country most infected is the United States, with 657,720 cases. Below that, the 2nd most infected country is Spain with 182, 816 cases. A stay at home order has been put in place for about 90% of the U.S. When it will be lifted is unknown. The economy has begun to crash since the closure of our country. It has put 22.2 million people out of work in the U.S, and the unemployment rate is estimated to hit up to 32%.

I think that there is a serious issue at hand, but some people don’t know how to act. They think that, because there’s a virus, they need to go and stock up on toilet paper and water, leaving none for anyone else. Yes, this is something we need to be aware and cautious about, but we don’t need to lock ourselves in the house and never leave. Some people take it too far. We need to all work together and try to put a stop to the virus, without interrupting the global economy.

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