Birthday Wishlists

Vega, Rachel

    As people we all love presents we don’t always get presents for people because we don’t know what to get.  What type of presents would people like? Well let’s see. Diana Coronado a sophomore student said ” I would like money because i can choose what I wants and not worry if I will like it or not.” Anelli also a sophomore student said “I would love bath and body Works.” Karen Allen said, “I would like a big poster of The Smiths including all the songs that the person describes me as, because I love The Smiths so much they make me happy.” Maria Valdez said ” I would like sneakers because I’m in love with shoes.” Saul said, “I would want money because I get to choose what I want. Neeko, a 10th grade student, said, “I want money because it is all I need.” Jessica, a 10th grader said, “I want food because I like it.” Anahi, an 11th grader said, “I want food because it is simple.” Gerado a 10th grader said ” I wouldn’t want anything except loyalty or knowing that you’re a real friend to me and won’t switch up on me.” 

    Now that you know what some classmates would like, what are the best gifts for 2020? According to it says sneakers are one of the best gifts. Also, it mentioned makeup for girls, clothes and money.