Meow Wolf

Hernandez, Leslie

Meow Wolf is an event that’s family friendly for all ages and it’s great for people who love crazy art. Meow Wolf is an event that comes to Las Vegas once a year. The exhibit has also traveled around the world to Santa Fe, New Mexico and Denver, Colo. Meow Wolf first opened in California in 2008. Meow Wolf is an art event with over 400 employees creating art across a variety of media including sculpture, painting, photography, and video production. Meow Wolf has different rooms and each room has it’s weird crazy theme where multiply artiest work on and each room has secret passages and magical, for example there’s a room where it leads you on to the other room by going into a fridge so every room has its story. Meow Wolf focuses on weirdness, challenging puzzles, crazy illusions and the power to create anything with your mind. How does Meow Wolf do it? Well Meow wolf comes out of a dumpster diving, DIY past, and wants to help different people all over the world by giving them a chance to work on Meow Wolf.

I do recommend attending this because it doesn’t just focus on one group of people everyone and anyone well be welcomed at this event no matter race, gender, and age and it’s a great even to make new friends you may also meet the people who created the room with their own bear hands. Meow Wolf does have a website where you can check how much the ticket are and when and where they will be at their website also has different kinds of documentary showing you how and why meow wolf was created and what they go through on their website they also sell their merchandise.