Should Voting Be Mandatory?

Sailor-Cole, Siera

     Voting is one of the few things in a society that allows the citizens voices to be heard. Here in the United States the legal voting age is 18, but how many young people actually care to vote? According to the New York Times, “If the United States had mandatory voting, there likely would be a greater turnout among lower-income groups and minorities, which could lead to a change in the types of politicians elected”. Some people may agree that mandatory voting is a step in the right direction, others may not. When it comes to mandatory voting it brings up the idea that everyone’s voice and opinion is expected and valued. It kind of brings society together in a way, because everyone is participating in voting for their leader(s). Some people do not agree with mandatory voting because forcing people to vote may seem unconstitutional. Jason Brennan’s,  an associate professor of ethics and public policy at Georgetown University believes that more voters doesn’t mean better government. Here is what he had to say “ If we force everyone to vote, the electorate will become even more irrational and misinformed. The result : not only will the worse candidate on the ballot get a better shot at winning, but candidates who make it on the ballot in the first place will be worse”. So he basically feels as if we force people to vote, they aren’t really making the best decisions due to their miseducation and understanding of the voting world.