Should the private lives of celebrities be off limits?

Espitia, Jaydon

Over the years we have heard of many scandals on the news of celebrities acting rude or fighting the paparazzi for invading their private lives. I know what you’re thinking because i thought the same in the beginning, they wanted this life so they don’t have to be rude or fight the paparazzi for invading their private lives. As I looked more into it sometimes paparazzi cross the line. For example, according to ̈ The New York Times ̈  in 2012, news broke out that paparazzi photographed Kate Middleton, wife of Britain’s Prince William, sunbathing topless at a private villa in France. 

When I hear things like that, then I understand why celebrities are so protective over their lives. Some celebrities didn’t choose to be famous they just got put into the lifestyle. Imagine how you would feel if the paparazzi were invading your privacy, even going to the extent of finding where celebrities are and what there doing just so they can get a ̈good picture ̈ for their news broadcast. I understand why sometimes celebrities can’t control themselves in front of cameras because paparazzi do so much to invade your private life. I know its there job and they have support their scandalous pictures but there’s a right way to do it without invading their privacy.