Should Teachers be Graded?

Hall, Lauren, Writer

Having a teacher that doesn’t teach or listen well is so frustrating. Having a system where a student could grade and give pointers to a teacher on what they could do differently to help out their students would help so much. Some teachers don’t teach well but as soon as someone from a higher position walks in the teacher becomes the best teacher ever and answers every question or explains better. Based on how low the grade is the teacher should receive an extra teacher or something very close to help explain and help the teacher with lesson plans and maybe seating arrangements. Some students might not like a teacher and what the majority says then that is the grade the teacher gets. The higher the grade of a teacher the fewer visits from the administration or a supervisor. 


The grading system would be a google form that you can choose to be anonymous on or you can put your name. The form will not be filled out in the class where the teacher is teaching and the teacher will not be allowed to see them until the administration goes through them first. The grading is the same grades for the students and the suggestions for the teacher will be able to be typed out in the comment section. Students should be able to grade teachers if students are graded by their teachers.