How many times should students be tardy?

Vega, Rachel

There are so many kids who arrive late almost every day. Many people don’t really seem to care but students think it’s unfair. How many times should students be late for class? What are the consequences that you can face now or later? Well, when you’re an adult you get to be late at least once then you can get fired from your job. To be honest, students should be late at least three times if they are excused because you can miss a lot of good info on what you’ll be doing or if you have a test. Being late could cause bad habits. When you get a job you’ll be fired quickly because you were always that one person who is late.  Think about it you can be more responsible and a better person people will trust you more if you aren’t late ever. Some of the consequences you can face are not getting a job if you want to work cause you won’t be trusted. Missing good info maybe they have an important thing to say and you will not be able to know what they said because people in class or at your job won’t tell you. See all those negative things can have a huge impact on you just for being late, so always think twice before being late.