Sweet Tomatoes

Mendenhall, Noah, Reporter

Sweet Tomatoes,  Healthy Foods?

When looking for food, there are several restaurants, whether they are fast food places, or sit in, or buffets, but how many are actually healthy? Well, a buffet has a full salad or healthy food bar at the entrance so you can start off healthy, or so they say.

This buffet is Sweet Tomatoes. Sweet Tomatoes has labels that tell you what food is good for you. The lettuce, for example, says vegan after the description of the food.

Sweet Tomatoes also has pizza, baked potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and chili, to name a few.

Not every food in the buffet is healthy, like ice cream, brownies, and muffins. Most of the food items there are either vegan or vegetarian-friendly.  The difference between vegan and vegetarian is that a vegetarian doesn’t eat animals but is fine with eggs or dairy. Basically, food products that come from animals is fine to them.

Vegans will not eat any animal or products from animals, like eggs. The other thing is gluten free for salads. So there isn’t any gluten in the food. Those are the labels and what healthy food they say they have.