The Dangers of Football

Is Football a dangerous sport?

Have you ever played football for high school or a regular junior team for a championship? Well if you have then you probably have gotten an injury. Most people believe  Football is a highly dangerous sport because of the many concussions that can happen and that many people have died from but, Football may also have benefits. For example, football requires conditioning and strength training:these are excellent forms of exercise and good for cardiovascular health. Football also improves concentration while teaching the importance of teamwork and leadership. In the article  it states that in 2012 Nearly 1,200 students suffered concussions from playing football. Coach Mike Sellers says that football is a tough brutal sport where people want to see big hits and that’s how people become famous players by practicing and waiting for the pain to come ;What causes concussions:Concussions are caused by football players crashing into each other’s helmets very hard and football players tackle each other. 


A study derived from: that kids who play tackle football before age 12 are at a risk of developing CTE which can cause mood swings, aggression and dementia-like symptoms. Another recent study found evidence of CTE in the brains of 99 percent of NFL players examined posthumously. This study tells us if kids play tackle football it changes them and can make them aggressive, hurting them and other players.

In conclusion, football is a dangerous sport and has varying opinions surrounding it.