Futbol vs Football

Futbol and football are a big influence in our world today but, what are the differences between these two ? Well if you do not know both of these are two entertaining sports that people in the world enjoy to play; one sport uses hands and the other doesn’t.

The word Futbol comes from Britain 200 years ago from the official name of the sport Football. Football has 11 and 11 offensive players on the other hand, futbol has 11 players but one is a goalie and the rest have different parts to play like a defender ,midfielder and striker.

Football is played on a narrow field likewise is futbol. Both teams try to get into each other’s territories. To score in football one player must run to the end zone it is called a touchdown. In futbol the player must shoot the ball into the net and that is called a goal.

    These two sports can be seen on TV. Football can be seen on TV on FOX and NBC. Futbol can be watched on ESPN and other channels. Most people like football because football is played in the U.S and most people that were born in the U.S grew up with football. These two sports have really big games in the months of February and July. In February there is a Superbowl which is the biggest Football game in history.

Two teams play and there are some cool half-time shows like bands and celebrities playing. In Futbol there is something like the superbowl;The Fifa World Cup, it happens every 4 years. International(country) teams play from all around the world to win the World cup trophy. Futbol participates in Champions League and the World Cup. Football only participates in the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl only lasts 3 hours because of the halftime show.