Is College Worth It?

Rangel, Lionel , Reporter

Going to college is a crucial decision made by young adults, wondering if it’s worth. There are plenty of positive effects and negative effects of going to college. College can cause stress and take a long time to complete. These effects of college will lead you to the right direction on whether you should attend college or not.

There are plenty of colleges young adults can attend around the world. Some being superior. There are top colleges in the U.S.A such as Princeton, Harvard, Yale, MIT, etc. These are considered the competitive colleges, students who attend these colleges have the highest performance rates than other students around the world.

Some positive effects of attending college is continuing your education following high school. Continuing your education will allow you to have a better chance of obtaining a high paying job. College will lead students in the right direction into taking ownership and responsibilities. This positive direction will prepare students for the real world and show them what to expect.

Some of the negative effects of going to college, is the cost. The cost may be the number one reason why people fear college the most. The cost can be excessive, meaning you will need student loans, causing you to go into debt leading to stress. To get the higher degrees   Such as a Doctorate degree, will take longer although, this will help you in the long run. These degrees aren’t easy to get. These degrees require time and commitment to achieve.

In general, college plays a significant role in a young adult’s life. College can make or break someone’s life. College is not a joke and should be taken serious. Your future is on the line. College is the way to set peoples’ future some people believe it’s necessary to attend, while others have the opposite opinion.