The Pros and Cons of Halloween Costumes

On Halloween, ECTA students may not wear Halloween costumes. While interviewing Ms. Delgado, principal, regarding costumes being allowed on campus. Delgado responded that they distract other students, making it harder for students to be able to pay attention in class. They can not be covering your face, nor be distracting, and must be school appropriate.”

Juan Pineda-Covarrubias: In my opinion, I believe Halloween Costumes should be allowed. They show school spirit. Halloween is coming very close and it’s time for some scares and good times. There is nothing wrong with wearing a costume as long as it is appropriate.

Kids have the right to dress however they want and banning costumes puts a limitation on it.

I also believe costumes should be allowed because it’s very entertaining to see students wearing costumes. In the article; It states “All in all, it is just very entertaining to see all of the students dress up for Halloween.”. Having everyone show up to school in costumes or dressing up as a group is an awesome tradition. Sophomore, Riley Demarrais commented, “It’s one of the few times of the year that it is fun to come to school” Halloween costumes are completely appropriate for school and dressing up is a tradition that should continue. I agree with this quote because it shows school spirit and the fact that these kids can have fun with different costumes while they can take a picture and save it as a memory in the yearbook. –Michael


Valentin Padilla-Duarte: I believe that Halloween costumes should not be allowed because some costumes can be inappropriate. Some costumes use fake weapons and someone can use that as an advantage, to bring real weapons. Also there are students who are religious and are not allowed to participate and it may offend them. There are sometimes costumes that may be gang related  or scary, they may also include weapons and this could upset students. In the article; it says “Although the majority of the people surveyed agreed that Halloween costumes should be allowed at school, there are some disadvantages. The big issue for most people is that students will take this as a chance to wear whatever they want, throwing the dress code out the window. Girls may also be upset because their outfit choices may be limited in contrast to the boys. Even though many people may decide to dress in something that is not appropriate for school, it is not fair to punish everyone else by not allowing costumes.”. I think that school should ban Halloween costumes for the safety of the students and everyone on the school campus. -Valentin


Written by Michael Martinez, Juan Pineda-Covarrubias, & Valentin Padilla-Duarte