Dress Code Policy at ECTA

Dress code is a big deal here at East Tech and should be followed by every single person on campus. But first, what is the dress code? According to Mr. Statucki, “Dress code is in which all students should be in appropriate dress and that isn’t distracting to anyone in class”. Yet, not everyone thinks of dress code the same way. Teachers and students have a different perspective about dress code. For example, Ms. Cash thinks that dress code is necessary because students can’t be showing too much skin. On the other hand, students like Yulid D. think that staff should calm down about it since “it’s not that bad if you see a shoulder.” Everyone has a different opinion towards dress code, and everyone’s opinion is valid.

Dress Code: what’s allowed and what’s not allowed.


Teachers like Ms. Pence or Ms. Sheely think that students should wear uniforms. Mrs. Pence said, “If I had it my way, you guys would be in uniforms.” She thinks this way because then, there wouldn’t be any distractions, nobody would be comparing each other’s clothes, and “mornings would be much easier to get ready.” Ms. Sheely agrees with Ms. Pence but has her own thoughts on the subject as well. “Dress code should be addressed more equilativaly because so many of the rules target girls more than boys, but that’s kind of systemic. They tell the girls that they need to cover up so they don’t distract the boys instead of teaching the boys since elementary school and on, that they should be minding their own business and not be looking at the girls and if they are not going to do that, then they should imply the dress code equally.”


Students like Nathan E. or Yoseline R. don’t mind the dress code, they feel like “is not too hard to follow.” Students like Lizeth H. or Yulid D feel like dress code is sometimes good and sometimes bad, they feel like “staff just need to calm down about it because it’s not fair how boys can wear tank tops and girls can’t”. Lastly, students like Melanie P. think that there is no point in dress code, “Students should be able to wear whatever they want, and if someone gets distracted it’s the other person’s fault.” It seems like a lot of students try to avoid getting dress coded, while some follow it with no doubt.


This school year, lanyards are part of dress code. “It makes school more safe and secure, we are also able to identify every student on campus,” Mr. Statucki says. But what do students think about lanyards? 60% of students who were interviewed didn’t mind the lanyards, they say that “it’s okay” and 40 % don’t like lanyards. “They’re annoying, who would want to sneak into school, we’re like on the other side of the city where there is no population,” Stephanie J. says. Students will always think different, it’s a controversy that will never stop since they all have different opinions, and it’s okay.

Dress code is taken very seriously here at east tech and without it “students probably dressing inappropriately for a school setting, and being that this is a technical academy”. Mr. Statucki

also says “we’re trying to get you ready for a career and job, and part of that is that sometimes depending on your career, you have very specific attire.” Meaning that when you have your own job, there’s still going to be a “dress code” you must follow. For example, if you’re a nurse, you can’t be wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants, you have to be in your scrubs. 

Dress code and lanyards are preparing students for their future jobs. As long as everyone follows these rules there won’t be any problem, and it is important for you to follow these rules.